An Open Door to Opportunity

There is a growing trend in our country: people leaving jobs and finding their true calling.

Through downsizing, mergers, acquisitions or some other reason, a lot of people are turning "bad luck" into very good luck. They are taking charge and finding that work/life balance is not some unreachable goal, but a reality they can achieve.

This new generation of American workers might get that whole "balance" thing better than any other generation prior. This is a generation used to choices – not averse to change the course, grab the wheel and point their lives in any direction they choose. (Side: Take this New York Times article for example – work/life balance is not the dream anymore, it’s the expectation).

Project MFG is the "Next Generation Skills Challenge” for good reason.

This Next Generation, the one we like to call "America's Next Great Generation", has an unbelievable opportunity in front of them. A leg up. A head start. Call it what you want, but when "Demand" outweighs "Supply" like it does in the skilled professions today – and especially tomorrow – big opportunity awaits.

For example, during our Spring Round of Project MFG Competitions, 100% of the competitors received a job offer upon graduating soon after the competition ended. The average starting salary for each of our competitors? Hovering around $60,000 a year.

The competition might be about a prize for the students, but we know it’s bigger than that. When students in our competitions come together to collaborate with industry leaders and make connections for future work opportunities . . . we all win.

There are literally tens of thousands of vacant jobs in our nation, and we’re in dire need of workers to design, weld, craft and shape the future of our country.

Let's build on the momentum and help this next generation to truly be our greatest.

Will SevernsComment